Saffron, The Persian Red Gold

As we want to provide our customers with the best quality we meticulously select our suppliers in the Ancient Persia and we stock the products in Italy. We give a significant importance to the selection of the best food products to import; particularly, the saffron is one of the best products.
It comes directly from the land where it grows and it undergoes periodical macrobiotic, chemical and physical tests in the laboratory in order to supervise the consistency of the harvest, the health and the hygiene of the product. This tests also ensure the origin of the product from the land in Asia where it is grown and avoids the presence of any intermediaries.
Every harvest point respects the ISO standards and is calibrated according to these standards.
90% of the Saffron that is worldwide sold comes from Iran.
Our team personally follows the production chain (preparation of the land, harvest procedures and post-harvest procedures), in order to get the best saffron harvest for our worldwide customers.
Saffron is a spice rich of antioxidants.As a matter of facts, saffron has been linked to several benefits for the human health, such as: humor and libido improvement, lose of weight, as well as the relief of the pre-menstrual syndrome.

This grassy plant belongs to the family of the Iridaceous and its scientific name is “Crocus Savitus”. Saffron is a plant without stem and it has a bulbous spherical root. It has an orderly and regular shape that is made of by a long and narrow stem that weaves together three bicolor petals.
It is the most expensive and most wanted in the world. Its value has constantly been maintained high thanks to the intensity plantation method that requires the handmade harvest of its delicate red filaments; particularly, to get 1 kg of Saffron are needed 250.000 flowers.